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Services: Six Sigma


Real Estate Asset Management

National portfolio placement and management, transparent web-based servicing system, easy auditing assistance.


Place your properties in front of willing buyers and sell under your terms and conditions.  Set your own sale date and get paid in 30 days.  One size does not fit all – auctions are tailored and designed to maximize return for your specific assets.  Online, onsite, sealed bid or hybrid combination of styles, our experienced staff will work with you to determine the best way to market and sell your property. We have conducted in excess of 9,000 real estate, business liquidation and estate auctions with a success rate exceeding 97%. 

Foreclosure Over-marketing

Increase exposure of foreclosure auction of sensitive assets to ensure maximum participation by bidders and avoid the liabilities of taking ownership.


Establish management of defaulted assets to maximize and manage income while completing foreclosure action.

Bankruptcy Auctions

Coordinate with trustee and creditors to liquidate real estate (and chattel) assets.

Portfolio Liquidations

Conducted an ONSITE auction campaign with 450+ properties located in multiple states to reduce inventory for out of market bank acquiring regional bank.

Crafted and conducted auction of aged assets to achieve portfolio reduction goals by end of quarter deadlines.  Inventory comprised of numerous product types including residential, commercial and development.

We assisted a newly formed South Carolina bank by conducting their first auction campaign to facilitate liquidation of inherited portfolio of OREO from failed institutions.  Conducted first auction only 36 days from notification of being awarded contract to enable closings to be scheduled before end of quarter deadlines.

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