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Drawing upon the talents and expertise of our very dedicated team of real estate professionals, auctioneers, property managers, and support staff strategically spanning the United States, Stephen Jax & Associates, Inc. has, by design, an innovative approach and vast knowledge base which has proven exceptionally nimble and successful in serving its clients and customers alike. Our mantra: Client Driven Results. This is how our team forges client relationships that last for decades.  We take great pride in ensuring our client’s needs are first consideration in all transactional decisions. Whether you are a seller requiring assistance with asset liquidation or a buyer seeking to acquire an asset, Stephen Jax & Associates, Inc. has solutions.  We are driven to provide our clients unparalleled advisory services and solution strategies that produce results that fit their goals – Client Driven Results.


Our Professionals Include:

Stephen A. Jax, President & CEO

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Laurie A. Jax, Chief Operating Officer

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Alina Clerie, SVP Finance Director, Senior Asset Manager

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